Fred UFO industrial and mining lamp

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Typical parameters:

Input voltage: ac100-277v

Light source: fled

Power: 100w-200w

Light efficiency: 150 LM / W

Color temperature: 2700k-6500k

Power factor: 0.95

Warranty: 5 years

Material: pure aluminum spinning process lamp body

IP rating: IP65

Product features:

1. Using high light efficiency fled (fluorescent film plane light source) and high conversion efficiency power supply, the whole light efficiency can reach 150lm / W;

2. Due to the special packaging of fled, it has excellent heat conduction and radiation, so that the light source can work in a good environment, ensuring a life of more than 50000 hours;

3. The driving power and the lamp body are designed separately, and the pure aluminum spinning process lamp body is adopted, which has better thermal conductivity and long service life;

4. Fashionable and simple appearance design, and the appearance color can be customized to meet more use places.

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