The difference between 6m solar street lamp and urban lighting lamp

Release time:2019-12-25 16:35:06

There are differences in the configuration of solar street lamps in urban and rural areas. On the surface, it is due to sunshine, but other factors also have constraints. For example, the height of light source, the size of light source, the lighting time, especially the road surface, the width of urban road and the narrow of rural road, the configuration is naturally different, which is the reason why solar street lamps are more suitable for township and village road lighting than city circuit lamps.

According to the relevant provisions of street lights, generally, the regular height of street lights on both sides of the national road shall not be less than 12 meters, the height of street lights on both sides of the urban auxiliary road shall not be less than 10 meters, and the height of street lights on both sides of the urban street shall not be less than 8 meters. For solar street lamps on both sides of non national road villages and towns, 6 meters is enough. Because the higher the lamp pole, the greater the power of the light source is needed. Therefore, for the relatively narrow village roads, whether the height of solar street lamp or the density of solar street lamp, the requirements are relatively lower than those of urban solar street lamp. But low configuration does not mean poor quality. Even some villages and towns adopt the same standard as cities.

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