Intelligent street lamp is the innovation of LED lighting products

Release time:2019-12-25 16:28:06

The smart street lamp is undoubtedly a major direction for the practice of smart city, and is constantly given more functions and missions, which also makes the vision of smart city more realizable. As a model of innovation, such products will play an infinite role in the construction of smart city in the future.

Intelligent street lamp is to realize the remote centralized control and management of street lamp through the application of power line carrier and wireless communication technology, 4G communication, cloud computing, Internet of things, mobile Internet and other technologies. It has the functions of automatic brightness adjustment, fault active alarm, lamp cable anti-theft, remote control, remote meter reading, etc. Later integrated WiFi coverage, public monitoring, PM air detection, display advertising tips, etc., make management and use more convenient. It can be said that where there are street lights, where is the management area of the city. In the era of smart city, the establishment of the Internet of things for street lights based on the widely distributed street lights in the city can avoid the repeated investment of the sensing facilities of the city's basic network.

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