General installation methods and requirements for embedded parts of LED courtyard lamp and LED landscape lamp

Release time:2019-12-25 15:21:52

1. Provisions for ground resistance. The requirement of landscape lighting in the industry is that the ground resistance should not be more than 2MW.

2. Height and specification considerations. In the installation of industrial lighting fixtures in urban streets, attention should be paid to the height and size of lighting fixtures in urban nightscape. In particular, it should be safe in height and will not cause any impact on passing vehicles. Landscape lamps

3. Special performance. The industrial lighting lamps used for urban landscape lighting must have many advantages in life, be able to adapt to long-term high-intensity lighting work, and also be able to save energy. It has the function of wind and sun protection. The working performance must be stable, and the durability and astuteness of internal parts can meet the needs of daily life.

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