Plug in structure of high pole lamp

Release time:2019-12-25 15:18:44

In the previous articles, we often talked about the relevant details and parameters of high pole lamp, but we seldom talked about the splicing details of high pole lamp. Some friends who contact with high pole lamp should not be unfamiliar with the overall structure of high pole lamp. Because of the height problem, the total height of high pole lamp is made up of two or more pole body combinations. Some people may ask questions here Why should we achieve the desired height through plug-in? Why can't we directly achieve the desired height? This not only avoids the tedious installation and plug-in process, but also ensures the integrity of the rod body.

For those who don't know the manufacturing process of high pole lamp, there's nothing wrong with this kind of doubt. If this kind of technology can be realized, it's very good, but it can't be done in practice. First of all, take manufacturing as an example. For large-scale lighting lamps like high pole lamp, the height is more than 40 meters, and even the shortest one is not less than 15 meters. Then the problem comes. We need to know our biggest bending machine , the two sets are only 14 meters together, which leads to the limited bending, and the production of this super length cannot be completed in the process.

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