Precautions for installation of landscape lamp

Release time:2019-12-25 15:15:02

First of all, for the high pole lamp, the shortest high pole lamp is 16 meters high. The foundation pit required for the 16 meter high pole lamp is at least 2.5 meters square by 2.5 meters high. Then, we all know that there are many low-voltage optical fiber and natural gas pipelines underground. Because many construction sites have not been reviewed and approved by the municipal department before construction, it is not clear whether there are cables or gas pipelines under the ground Pipeline construction is very dangerous in this kind of situation. In the process of digging foundation pit with grab truck, whether it is to grab the cable or the natural gas pipeline, it will bring serious economic losses to the construction.

Secondly, hoisting. No matter in the countryside or in the city, high-voltage cables can be seen everywhere, which adds a lot of troubles to the construction of hoisting street lamps. Many high-voltage cables of 10kV have no wire skin at all. If the location where street lamps are installed is close to the high-voltage line, it is suggested to change the location, or simply feel uneasy. There are many cases of electric shock caused by street lamps installed all over the country. Each street lamp The manufacturer shall be vigilant in the construction process. Before construction, safety precautions must be taken. All construction personnel must be equipped with insulating shoes, insulating gloves, safety helmets and other items.

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