Brazil 6000 flat luxury villa, not in the forest, better than the forest!

Release time:2019-12-25 15:15:19

In R í Oclaro, Brazil, a 6802.79 square foot luxury villa was completed. Celso laetano arquitetura design team, on the basis of keeping the owner's demand for practicality and reception of guests, integrates the natural landscape and endows the space with natural art. Large space living room, gourmet kitchen, luxurious open-air swimming pool, everywhere plant embellishment It makes up the luxury house which is not in the forest but is better than in the forest, so that the space has eternal elegance in the aesthetic sense.

Outdoor x enjoy peace

The light in the room is reflected on the natural stone and the calm water of the private pool through the dragon, Phoenix and sandalwood. The wood in the courtyard is neat, and the golden light comes out in the dusk.

A row of waterfront steps connect the living room through floor to ceiling windows, with an open pool on one side and a sun terrace on the other. Large floor to ceiling windows, open the visual integration of indoor and outdoor space, and achieve interactivity.

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The living room is adjacent to the dining space. The cool blue and gray tone runs through the whole hall. In contrast, the wooden furniture brings warm color contrast. The part of the reception hall farthest from the window, the green plants continue the garden elements in the design. At the same time, it continues on solid walls in the form of murals.

2112 Fountain Ave, Bryan, TX 77801, United States