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Founded in June, 2013, EncosRex is an American modern company distributing energy saving products and specializing in the wholesale and retail of LED light sources. Headquartered in Texas, America, EncosRex is the leading provider of overall lighting solutions for the lighting industry in the United States and it is regarded as the criteria. It is not only committed to the study of rational use of light, to providing customer-friendly products, but also to offering consumers differentiated overall lighting solutions and other professional supporting services with the aim of comprehensively improving users' experience. On different occasions, EncosRex's lighting solutions can meet consumers' physiological and psychological needs for light at different times and in different spaces.


EncosRex is a modern enterprise engaged in the wholesale, distribution and retail of lighting products. The company has a group of experienced sales and customer service personnel and a modern management team. Thanks to years of unremitting efforts of all the employees, it has formed several major categories, including outdoor road lighting and special lighting and dozens of serial products.


EncosRex is a leading wholesaler of lighting in the USA. Always adhering to the advantages of the product channel, it  is committed to providing efficient, energy saving, healthy and comfortable lighting solutions for the construction, transportation, urban lighting, stores and supermarkets, hotels, offices, homes, industries and other areas.


EncosRex will take rigor, innovation, integrity and enterprise as their corporate spirit, stick to the market requirements as the guide, strive for the purpose of client satisfaction, and persist in winning the quality and the credibility. The company will devote itself to improving the quality of products and sales service, and it will supply users in all walks with better product quality and more satisfactory sales services.

2112 Fountain Ave, Bryan, TX 77801, United States